Friday, July 31, 2015

City Color Cosmetics Dazzling Lipsticks Review

Let's talk about City Color Cosmetics Dazzling lipsticks. They apply so smoothly and opaque its almost like they're melting onto your lips. I would suggest a liner with these as they can be very easily moved. Not a bad thing for those who fudge up their lipstick and need to fix it while applying. They have the usual floral type scent. They're not super thick feeling on the lips but they're not thin and cheap feeling either. They're somewhere in between. Some obviously have more of a sheen than others. When I tried on Caliente I really thought I'd feel like it looked cheap but it is actually really gorgeous and I might have gained a little love for shimmery lipsticks. Thanks for forcing me to broaden my horizons, City Color. Okay but there is an elephant in the room I must address; Cha Cha Cha totally looks like it'd be a creamy Shroom! I don't have Shroom but that's my guess. It's probably my favorite of the bunch as well and I'm pretty certain you need it. These do rub off pretty easily so you'll want to make sure you bring the tube with you for touch ups! These are $5 a piece, but peep the discount down below. Has anyone else tried these?

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Score card:

Simple black tubes. Nothing too boring but also not too exciting. 
 Typical florally scent for City Color Cosmetics.
 These apply like a buttery heaven. Extremely soft and smooth on the lips!
These are extremely pigmented. 
Very creamy and comfortable but you can feel them on your lips. 
These wear off very easily. Must. Bring. Tube. For. Touchups! 
Dupability (Originality)
 The colors aren't too out there, but the glimmer is what makes these one of a kind.

Overall Score: 3.4

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