Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipstick Review

So, has anyone ever tried any lipsticks from Kleancolor? I'm really curious to know everyone's thoughts. Particularly, do all of the formulas perform as good as their mattes? Honestly, I've always skipped past them because the price just seemed too cheap and the colors I had seen reminded me of makeup you'd get in a princess play set. So, I saw swatches online of the Madly Matte lipsticks and caved and bought the colors shown above (I was hoping some of these could be Lime Crime alternatives but sadly none are close enough in color). 12 colors cost me about $20 on Amazon but you can buy them individually on their website for $1.99. I'm pretty impressed with these. They smell like candy, are long lasting, and MOST of them have a great color payoff. There are a few whose finishes don't quite live up to the "matte" title, so they are a little inconsistent. But for the price, I'm willing to try out some more shades because I think the quality is pretty alright and with their wide range of shades, there are sure to be some dupes! Let's hear your thoughts!

Score card:

Pretty simple black square tubes. There is just a line of clear on the tubes so you can see the color inside, which is nice. 
I don't mind the scent! It's nice and candy like (think Smarties or candy necklaces). 
These all apply really nicely and opaque but may take a few swipes to get full color payoff. 
 Honestly not bad at all for the price. I was very impressed.
The only thing that would make these not so comfortable is the fact that you may have to apply several swipes to build up color. This may make them feel thicker on the lips. 
 Not as long lasting as standard matte lipsticks. But again, these are $1.99 a piece so I'm still pretty happy with them!
Dupability (Originality)
I bought these in hopes of duping some Lime Crime shades, but none of them were an identical match. Props to Kleancolor for such unique pastels! 

Overall Score: 3.9

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