Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flawless Laser Center Lip Filler Review & Experience

I wanted to take a moment to not only disclose this information, but to share my experience with you guys. So, I know that lip enhancements have been all the craze lately, but it has always been a thought in the back of my mind. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we are both very thorough in everything we do (that's why "K" is my perfect little partner in crime - we both are as particular as it gets!). So, after playing with the idea of trying it out, I decided to REALLY research it.

Upon studying how Juvaderm lip enhancements actually worked, I found a few things out that immediately made me feel more comfortable. The biggest one being that its TEMPORARY. So temporary that you could even have it dissolved immediately if you want it gone! That was such a HUGE relief to me since the decision felt like such a huge commitment. Depending on your metabolism, it can last up to a year. The reason why your metabolism is such a huge factor is that the Juvederm is made up of a substance which occurs naturally in the body. Over time your body just absorbs it. That was my second game changer.

Another concern I had was that I would have an allergic reaction. I'm the kind of person who literally calls the pharmacy before taking ANY medication because I'm always 200% sure I'll die. I have had allergic reactions to a lot of medication so I was really afraid that if I inject my lips, I might have a gnarly reaction to it. From my research I've found that its almost unheard of to have a reaction to it since it is something that isn't foreign to your body. The numbing agent is the only part that you should be concerned with. If you have any allergies to anything like that, TELL THEM! Some numbing agent is in Juvederm to make the process less painful. You guys have no idea what a relief it was to find out that my lips wouldn't fall off. Also, it was a HUGE relief that even if I hated the outcome and thought "Wow, wtf was I thinking?!" I wouldn't have to live with them forever! So I finally took the plunge and booked an appointment.

I just want to stress to you guys that just because it doesn't last forever doesn't mean you shouldn't really think about it before you decide to do it. I have wanted to do this for so long and my completely inaccurate fears were really all that held me back. I wanted to write this to provide the most information possible about my experience so that those of you who are on the fence can really decide for yourselves!

Also, smaller lips are beautiful, too! Don't let this big lip trend make you feel badly if you do have smaller lips! That's why I wasn't willing to commit to permanently big lips. I don't hate my smaller lips, I was just really excited to try something new!

So now let's get to my experience, because after all, that's why I'm writing this post! So when I got to Flawless Laser Center in Burbank, CA, they had me rub this numbing stuff all over my lips (I got it in my mouth and was drooling everywhere because I'm that cute). Zhanna was my nurse and she was amazing. I sat and asked her all of my questions and she happily answered. I explained where I would like my fullness (this is vital because I've seen people not be specific about how they would like their lips to look and be disappointed). She was incredibly honest about what kind of realistic results we could get. I was super numb but I'm not gonna lie, it HURT! I wasn't counting but I think she ended up sticking me with the needle about 15 times. She even double checked me after the fact to make sure my lips were symmetrical and touched up a few areas. I really appreciate her attention to detail because my lips look EXACTLY how I hoped!

As soon as the injections were done there was absolutely no pain. Not even a discomfort, but more just that my lips felt strange. As far as after care, she told me to be sure to massage my lips for a few days.. And that's it! I was honestly so afraid I'd be a hot mess after because I read a ton of people's experiences online and their lips were CRAZY swollen, lumpy and bruised. Everyone's reaction is different, and I am glad that I just have some slight swelling and bruising. I am so unbelievably happy with my results. I know you guys don't know what my whole face looks like, but I feel like my fuller lips just suit me so much better! I will absolutely go back to Zhanna at Flawless Laser Center. They are located in Burbank, CA and their website is www.flawlesslasercenter.com.

Just a quick reminder to you all that I am in no way trying to convince you to get lip injections. I just hoped that sharing my experience would help those who have considered it, or are just curious! You do you!


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  1. Oh wow, here in Burbank? You're results are amazing! I'm going to have to check them out.