Sunday, September 6, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go Review

Here are swatches of the Gerard Cosmetics' Brow Bar To Go. We have had these forever and I honestly didn't actually use them until about a month ago. I was using a MAC paint pot previously and then decided I wanted to go back to the softness of powders. So I grabbed my Brow Bar To Go! They come in a little mini palette/compact which has a mirror, an angle brush, and a clear brow pomade. One thing that caught me off guard is how much I love the brush. Way more precise than my MAC 208 which has been my BFF for years. The powders are actually insanely pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. This is great because they will last a long time but can lead to beginners filling their brows way too bold (so start lightly and work it darker!). I've never experienced any fallout from the powders while using them. I feel like this provides the sharpest lines of any powder I've used without wetting the product. If I could change anything about these I would add a little spoolie for the pomade and just because the powders are so pigmented that a spoolie could help soften. I do have my own spoolie though so I use it with my Brow Bar To Go everyday.

Score card:

 The packaging is small, sleek, black, and rectangular. This palette has two brow shades and a brow gel. We would have liked a spoolie or even a double sided brush to play with the gel and the powders separately.
 Not applicable
 For a powder, these actually apply very nicely. I prefer brow powders to be pressed like these rather than loose, to prevent fallout.
Perfect pigmentation.
 The gel is very suble and isn't like a "super glue for your brows" type of gel.
These last all day. 
Dupability (Originality)
 I love the "Brow Bar to go" concept. It's compact, quick and easy to use. 

Overall Score: 4.8

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