Sunday, September 6, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators Review

Have you tried the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators? I really do like them, but they're not my preferred formula. I prefer velvety highlights that have a lil' something to adhere to your skin. Overall, I think $28 is a totally reasonable price for these and the design printed on top of the product is enough to satisfy any makeup lover. Let's hear your thoughts! Any requests on what you'd like to see these compared to?! (Sorry my skin is a little stained right now.. Too. Much. Swatching!).

Score card:

 I actually really love the compacts. They are a shiny black compact with a HUGE product sticker on the back that makes it easy to identify which color is inside. The product inside is also one of the most beautiful designs I've ever seen printed on a highlighter. What brings the score down in terms if packaging is the fact that it is made of shiny black plastic, which collects fingerprints and smudges easily.
 Not applicable.
These apply nicely. As mentioned above, they are not my favorite highlighter formula because they don't have the velvety smoothness that attaches to the skin (which is ideal for my dry skin). I think these will work better for those with oily skin, because they are very soft, but also dry. 
 Not the most pigmented highlighters I've ever tried but very beautiful!
 As with most highlights, you don't feel these during the day.
 These will last longer on oily skin than on dry skin. Definitely use a primer.
Dupability (Originality)
 The shades are pretty unique when compared to other high end highlights.

Overall Score: 4.7

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