Sunday, September 20, 2015

Morphe M530 Contour Blending Brush Review

You guys have been begging for more Morphe Brush reviews so let's dive into it! The M530 is a natural bristle brush (made with goat hair) which is perfect for blending and buffing out powder products. It is considered a contour blending brush and since I am a powder contour type of girl, it works perfectly for me for this purpose. I wouldnt recommend this brush for cream contouring because natural bristles usually eat up cream and liquid products. I tend to use a few different brushes for contouring and contour blending, so I'm not double dipping my brush in different products and shades. I have been using the M530 for applying and blending my blush and it works perfectly for this. It grabs a good amount of product and since the bristles are natural hair, as opposed to synthetic, it is easily tapped out if you are a little heavy handed. Have you tried this brush? If you'd like to try out Morphe Brushes, use the code "dupethat" for a 10% discount on their website and in store!

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