Sunday, September 20, 2015

Morphe G3 Tapered Contour Brush Review

Wow, we got swamped with requests to share more affordable brush options! So I think as well as comparisons, we will thoroughly review our favorites individually to help you understand whether each particular brush is going to be ideal for what you're looking for. Enough blabbing, let's get into this brush! This Morphe brush is made up of synthetic bristles. I use this brush for two things. First, it's phenomenal for blending out your contour. It's dense yet still soft so you can really buff out any harsh lines. This is a perfect pair for the G30 contour brush we previously posted. The second purpose I have for this is for buffing out my concealer. I stipple it over where I applied my concealer. TYPICALLY I would use a beauty blender but I noticed my skin has been very broken out since using my beauty blender and is clearing up fabulously now that I've gone back to a brush. Maybe I have an allergy of some sort which is heartbreaking because I love the finish they leave! Anyways, I'm glad I have my trusty G3 brush to blend my concealer and leave me looking radiant. If you are using a flat contour brush I URGE you to pick up a brush like this which will help to blend your contour to look exactly how a contour should look; natural depth in targeted areas. Have you tried this? Do you love?! If you'd like to try this out, use the code "dupethat" to save 10% on your purchase.

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