Sunday, October 18, 2015

LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick Review

A big thank you to LA Girl for always being so generous to us! Here are swatches of all 26 of the NEW Matte Flat Velvet lipsticks! Lets talk first impressions. The initial reaction of these is that they are in cute, plain and simple black tubes with the LA Girl logo, and a color indicator on the bottom (which I love). There isn't much of a smell, and if there is, I don't believe it's added. It may smell a little ingredient-like, but is really really faint. These lipsticks have an incredibly matte finish, but don't compromise hydration to achieve this finish. Somehow, they're still very comfortable. They do cling to dry spots so be sure to exfoliate before use! I do think that some shades perform better than others (I was a little underwhelmed with Blue Valentine, Poetic, and Carried Away), but most of the shades are outstanding for the $4 price point, and I actually prefer the higher end versions!

Score card:

Very cute, plain and simple black tubes with a color indicator at the bottom. The lipsticks themselves have a flat head similar to Wet n' Wild Mega Last lipsticks. 
Eh, I had to sniff pretty hard to detect much of a scent. As mentioned above, there's a faint ingredient like scent - but I actually prefer the lacking scent of these to Melt lipsticks. 
 The formula itself applies really nicely but may take a few swipes to achieve full opacity. I'd recommend a lip liner with these as the flat top makes it difficult to achieve precise lines!
 These are not the most pigmented matte lipsticks I've ever tried (like I said, some shades perform better than others!).
 These are very comfortable on the lips.
 These are a very long lasting matte lipstick (especially for the price point) and will last even longer with a liner.
Dupability (Originality)
 There are a few out-there shades, but we have found A TON of these colors to be dupes for high end formulas (especially Melt lipsticks - go check out the Melt Dupes page of our website to see for yourself)!

Overall Score: 3.7


  1. The colored tip is actually a lip balm. You can take off the tip :)

  2. The colored tip is actually a lip balm. You can take off the tip :)