Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sweetheart Lashes Review

You guys have been begging for more lash reviews so here's our thoughts on the styles we've tried from Sweetheart Lashes! They state that they are a cruelty free, premium lash brand that offers mink lashes ranging from $25-$28. This price really isnt bad considering how much wear you can get from these (the site states 15-20 uses). My first impression was that the packaging was way more durable that what I'm used to. I'll definitely be saving the plastic sliding cases for storage. The lashes themselves are incredibly soft and gorgeous. The cotton band makes them super flexible and easy to move, which I find to be more comfortable. I do prefer wispier styles than the ones pictured, which they have a TON of! I'd definitely recommend this brand for when you're wanting a dramatic look, because the styles they have are all incredibly full and bold. If you're looking for new lash styles, check them out!

Score card:

 The packaging is super durable which I LOVE in lash boxes! The cases slide open to reveal the lashes. Even after I use these lashes to the max, I'm going to keep the cases for storing other brands.
Not applicable. 
These shape around your eyes easily and are easier to apply than a lot of flimsy pairs. 
Not applicable. 
These lashes are very comfortable. I rate these slightly lower for this category because they are a little heavy. However, for thicker lashes, they are NOT as heavy as others I've tried. 
Because some of their lashes are mink, they are long lasting (the website states 15-20 uses). 
Dupability (Originality)
 This brand carries a ton of different styles and a TON of wispies - my favorite!

Overall Score: 4.6

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