Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Shown above are swatches of the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipsticks! These have a simple shiny black bullet package with the bottom revealing the color of the lipstick. The scent to me smells sort of like cinnamon coffee cake. I love most of these but some perform better than others. "Somewhere out there" is opaque and glides on beautifully, while the others pictured took a few layers. As a whole there are way more well performing ones than not. Will you run to Ulta for these?

Score card:

The packaging isn't really anything special. They are simple, shiny black bullets. 
 They smell like cinnamon coffee cake to me. They don't smell necessarily bad, but it isn't something that I'd gush over.
 The application is really a hit or miss with these. They have different finishes so they are a little inconsistent with how well they apply.
As mentioned above, it's really a hit or miss! Some of them apply more sheer, therefore lack the pigmentation of the ones that apply outstandingly. 
These feel nice on the lips. They don't feel super cheap/thin and have a nice creamy feel to them. 
These last about as long as you'd expect a drugstore lipstick to last! 
Dupability (Originality)
 I wish there were more unique colors in this line! There are so many reds, pinks, oranges, nudes, and the occasional violet that pop up in drug store lines that I just want something different.

Overall Score: 3.3

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