Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Looxi Beauty Pressed Highlight Review

We were sent the Looxi Beauty pressed highlights and have been testing them out for the past couple of days and are totally obsessed! First of all, THESE ARE SO AFFORDABLE! You can purchase the products themselves (pan only to pop into a Z-Palette) for $7.50, or in the compacts for $15. They also gave us the code "DUPEDOLLS" which saves you 20% if you want to give them a try. First impressions: the compacts are cute, a little plain, but cute! They remind me of theBalm's Lou-manizer compacts but a little larger (these hold 9g of product while theBalm's hold 8.5g). They arrive boxed with a sleeve to protect the product, which I think is very professional and seems like they put a lot of care into the packaging. I love the unique shades, and I actually don't think my swatches are doing them justice AT ALL because they are actually really amazing, finely milled highlights. So, I've decided to break it down for you guys and explain each shade below (this is to explain the color of the product. If I compare it to another product on the market, this is not a comparison of texture - just color):

Ever After: This is the perfect iridescent highlight. It's a pearly shade with hints of blue and pink - the color shift you would expect when thinking of an iridescent product.

Bombshell: So this shade is almost an exact dupe for Becca x Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop! It's a peachy gold that will flatter a wide range of skin tones.

Luna: This is a BLUE highlight! I didn't think I would love this but I so do. It makes me feel like a frosty princess just in time for the winter months, and is actually incredibly wearable. It's like the iridescent highlight above, but without the pinky/purple shift.

Valley Girl: This shade is so stunning. It is a bright, peachy pink shade with gold shift. It reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm (although I haven' compared them yet to see how dupe-like it is). Since I am so fair, I would definitely wear this as a blush. 

Luxe: This is a champagne-y, gold highlight. It reminds me a lot of MAC Whisper of Gilt and ABH So Hollywood (again, haven't compared yet but I will)!

Voodoo: I WISH my camera picked up the color of Voodoo because I'm in love with it. It reminds me a lot of JD Glow's Pistachio highlight. It has a yellow-y green hue to it and is 100% wearable in my book.

Score card:

 Like I said, the packaging is very plain (silver compacts) BUT they do put a ton of care into how they pack and ship it out. They also hold 9g of product which is huge!
 Not applicable.
 These are very soft and finely milled. They are pressed, but are not creamy and buttery like many other highlights (I enjoy both textures - so that's not a bad thing in my book).
 I'm kind of sad my camera didn't pick up how gorgeous these are, because I promise you, they are! They are a little light on my skin tone, but just the right amount of pigment. I think all of these would look stunning on deep skin tones.
 No problems with comfort.
 These don't have that creamy bonding agent that a lot of highlights have that make them stick to the skin, but a good face primer make these last all day.
Dupability (Originality)
There are a few dupes (or close to dupes) but the majority of these highlights are so unique. I'm obsessed! 

Overall Score: 4.5

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