Sunday, October 18, 2015

MBA Matte Liquid Lip Color Review

Here are our swatches of the new MBA cosmetics liquid matte lip colors ($11 each). My first impression with these is that there are some gorgeous shades. There is also a few new (bolder) shades that aren't pictured, so I'd recommend checking them out! Upon opening these, there isn't much of a scent. The scent is reminiscent of ingredients much like Anastasia Beverly Hills, which has a very very faint paint like smell. These do last longer than most liquid lipsticks on the market, but are not completely transfer proof. It does take effort to remove product, but if you use a napkin to wipe your mouth after lunch, you will most likely wipe away some color and need to touch it up. They are a bit drying and remain a bit tacky, but all in all I think these are a good, long lasting product for the price. I could wear "Shady" all day, every day! It's the most stunning dusty rose color! Have you tried these? Thoughts?!

Score card:

Whyyy MBA, why?! I usually love MBA's products, but the tubes are the standard rectangular liquid to matte tubes that most indie brands use for their products (and often get from a manufacturer - not that there's anything wrong with that). I do not know if MBA makes their products in house or not, I just know that the tubes are similar to several other indie brands. 
 Slightly ingredient like, but fades upon drying.
 These apply nicely. I don't have any complaints with streakiness or patchiness.
 Very pigmented liquid lipsticks.
These are a tad drying and remain slightly tacky. 
 These are very long lasting and are a little difficult to remove, unless you use something oil based (coconut oil works great).
Dupability (Originality)
 The formula and shades are very common in the liquid lipstick world.

Overall Score: 3

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