Saturday, October 17, 2015

Top 5 Liquid Lipsticks Of The Moment

So many great liquid lipsticks have come out in the past 2 weeks so we did a top 5 favorites of the new releases! (Pretend OFRA x Kathleen Lights Miami Fever is on here, we didn't know it will restock so its NOT gone forever and it rules). Jeffree Star Cosmetics Masochist is NOT something I would normally see myself wearing because I don't like wearing pink. This is like an almost red pink shade and I really love it! JD Glow Clay La Rouge because <3. They are launching this along with tons of other gorgeous colors TOMORROW. (We fought over these when we got our package, that's how you know they rule). They will be having a sale and you can still use our "dupethat' code to get money off. Black Moon recently launched and quickly sold out of some of our favorites! Be sure to get Libra when it restocks because I loves it. Girlactik makes me so happy every time they release new colors! Bashful is one of their new releases and it's really just so easy to wear, its a staple! Last but FAR from least Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte shade in Ecstasy. Does it need an explanation? Look at it! And their formula is to die for! What are your favorites from the recent releases?!


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