Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Color Kill Liquid Lipstick Review

We are so happy we had the opportunity to try out these liquid lipsticks from Color Kill ($15.95), because they are incredible! A. The packaging is amazing and perfect B. The formula is top notch. We'll break it down futher down below, but really, what more could you ask for?! The ONE thing I don't love about these liquid lipsticks is the applicator. The wand has such a big, fat applicator at the end that it's difficult to apply.  What do you think of these colors?!

Score card:

I've never had an easier time giving something such a perfect score. First of all, look at those boxes! The artwork is beautiful and colorful. The tubes inside are similar to Dose of Colors / Jeffree Star Cosmetics. They are frosted tubes with 'Color Kill' printed on the side. The lids are red with a 'C' on top.
 These smell really delicious. They have a buttercream like scent that doesn't *completely* mask the ingredient scent, but I still think they smell bomb.
OKAY, like I said this is the ONLY thing that I didn't love. The product itself applies very nicely (as with most liquid lipsticks, the lighter colors are a little more streaky). The problem I have isn't with the product, but with the wand. The applicator wand is super big and fat so it pulls out a lot of product and is difficult to apply. I have better results swiping a lip brush on the wand and applying it that way. 
 Very pigmented liquid lipsticks. 
You all know that we go crazy over light and comfy formulas - these are just that. 
Typically, the lighter and more comfy formulas aren't as long lasting.
Dupability (Originality)
 We've shared a few of their products as dupes for other products, but a few of these shades are one of a kind. I do hope they come out with some crazy, bold shades! I am super excited to see what this brand has in store for the future!

Overall Score: 4.1

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