Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dazzlize Liquid Lipstick Review

It's no secret that we LOVE trying new, indie beauty brands! These liquid lipsticks were sent to us from Dazzlize, a company based in United Kingdom. Each liquid lipstick is 8 GBP which translates to less than $13 USD. I think the price is great for these. They are not extremely long wearing, but they ARE extremely comfortable and moussey. I love the packaging. It's a cute, clear acrylic rectangular tube with a silver lid - they look very classy. I believe they are a brand new company, so that explains the limited color selection (there ARE more colors than what's pictured here - a few more pinky, neutral shades). If you're looking for a new indie brand to try, give them a shot!

Score card:

I think the packaging is cute! As mentioned above, they are clear acrylic tubes with a silver lid. They look very classy. 
I don't reach for these for scent. Like a lot of liquid lipsticks, they smell paint/ingredient like. 
 It really depends! It's not uncommon for darker shades to perform better than light shades when it comes to liquid lipsticks. The pink shade applies a little streaky and takes a few swipes to reach full opacity on the lips.
Again, totally depends. They are very pigmented but the lighter colors need a few more swipes.  
These are light, moussey, and comfortable. 
 They are not the most long lasting liquid lipsticks I've ever tried. They are easily removed with a makeup remover wipe or oil, which I actually prefer to drying - extremely transfer proof formulas.
Dupability (Originality)
 We have only tried the two colors shown above, so from what we have tried, the colors are not very unique.

Overall Score: 3.2

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