Monday, September 21, 2015


THANK ALL 400K OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! In honor of 400k we are starting a new hashtag. #dtfridayfavorites because our City Color favorites was so popular! Let's dive into my favorite products this week. It's been way too hot in So Cal and I'd rather be luminous on my own terms. 

1. My Morphe Brushes 35T palette because I've been loving a pop of warm shimmer on my eyes! (This palette rules and I'll swatch soon) 

2. Makeup Forever HD Micro finish Powder. I put the price for the mini because don't you dare spend the full amount if you can try it first. So far this is the best setting powder I've used. Its so finely milled that I do NOT look cakey. It just mattifies and sets my face makeup!

 3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Anna Nicole because I will ALWAYS rock an orange red when its super hot out. I just pop this and mascara on and I'm fab. 

4. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealer is AMAZING (for dry skin. Probably not oily skin!). Its so dewy and concentrated!

 5. Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illuminator. Duh, you guys know this is my holy grail liquid glow. You can mix a dab in your foundation or just put it on your highlight areas. If you haven't tried this yet... You're CRASY! 

- L

Hey, guys! Can I just say how grateful we are that so many of you enjoy what little old "us" has to say? When we started this page less than a year ago, we had no idea that we'd EVER hit 400k, so THANK YOU! For my first ever #dtfridayfavorites I'm showing off my most recent beauty purchase 

1. SEPHORA PERFECTION MIST AIRBRUSH FOUNDATION. This ish is amazing! I've been dying to try the Dior Airbrush foundation ever since I saw how it looked on Manny MUA, and the Sephora brand is SUCH a good dupe for half of the price (from what I tested in store anyway, I can't speak on how the Dior wears). Anyway, this makes my skin look flawless and all of you need to try this! 

2. COLOURPOP POLLIWOG. I've been keeping this nude in my purse at all times (just in casies!). 

3. DIOR DIORSHOW MASCARA. So I only have the sample size right now but you can bet that I will be buying the full size. This is my new HOLY GRAIL mascara - the only mascara that has made me feel like I'm wearing falsies. 

4. CITY COLOR BE MATTE BLUSH. If you stalk us on @thelipswatch then you know Guava has been my go to for like, ever. 

5. LA GIRL MATTE FLAT VELVET LIPSTICK. Ever since we compared this shades to Melt "Darling" and MAC "Lavender Jade," it's all I think about. It's perfect! I hope you found my #dtfridayfavorites helpful! Let me know if any of these are YOUR current faves, too! 

- K

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