Sunday, September 20, 2015

Morphe M529 Precision Pointed Contour Brush Review

Time for some late night brush talk! I love my Morphe Brushes M529 brush from the "Flawless" collection. I'm going to just give you a breakdown of this brush so you will know if you'll find it as useful as I do! First of all this is a natural bristle brush. Natural bristles are ideal for powders (I use this for my highlighter but it can be used for many powder face products). This type of bristle is ideal for applying powders evenly and smoothly. Natural bristles don't gravitate toward each other as synthetic do, so it is preferable for blending/buffing. Synthetic brushes start off soft and become rough over time. Natural bristles are the opposite, starting slightly coarse and softening over time. Natural bristles pick up more product than synthetic. For this reason I wouldn't suggest this brush with cream or liquid products. It is however, a must-have if you use any powder face products (such as blush, contour, and highlighter). Get 10% off Morphe with code "dupethat".

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