Sunday, October 18, 2015

Morphe M517 & M522 Review

You guys have been asking us to post more Morphe products, so tonight I'm going to tell you about my perfect nose contour duo. Let's start with the M522 which is a fantastic investment for $6, wanna know why? Because its a natural brush made of Sable which lasts FOREVER! It's a type of bristle which is pretty sturdy with keeping its shape which is why I like to use this to draw the lines for my nose contour. Since its a natural fiber brush it will work best with powders (if you only use creams, definitely go for synthetic). Now onto the M517 which can really serve multiple purposes. The shape combined with the natural bristles make this a blending brush from heaven. I use it to buff out my nose contour that I drew with my M522 and it leaves it flawless (funny, its from the "flawless" collection) and eliminates any harsh lines so you really get a shadow effect. This is also going to be a great brush for blending out your eyeshadow. This is the only Morphe brush that I experienced shedding with so far but after giving it a bath I haven't had that issue! I love contouring my nose so I would be lost without this combo! Don't forget that you can take 10% off of your Morphe order with the code "dupethat".

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